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WILDsound's Feedback Toronto Film Festival (Updated)

Here it is! Finally, I received the audience feedback, they have been very nice to me, I was really honoured to be selected for the festival, and I am flattered by the nice response of the audience. Check it out here:

They also included a little interview with me, which you can read here: It's been great to participate in this festival, so thank you very much to Matthew and the whole organization.


(August 2015)

Knocked Down has been accepted to WILDsound's Film Festival, part of their best of Under 5 minute Film Festival.

You can check the full program here: They will screen the film on august the 27th, and I will get full feedback from the audience! I even got a section for my film and myself, you can check it out here:

I have to admit that all this feedback thing is kind of scary, but it is very exciting to see Knocked Down screened around the world.

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