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My name is Pepe Gomez, I'm a Spanish animator based in Edinburgh.

I specialize in a variety of 2D animation techniques, with a special interest for character animation and storytelling.

I have always been interested in studying the way characters communicate. Despite what it may seems, words are actually a very small part of what we express, being second to what our posture, hand movements, eye and facial expressions have to say. I like studying all these forms of non-verbal communication, and challenge myself to use as much of this body language as I can, to make my characters as complete, deep and believable as possible.

My short films "Knocked Down" and "The Last King of Granada" are being screened in various festivals worldwide, and they have won different awards, including Best animation short film ("Knocked Down", Lisbon international film festival 2015) and Best animated short film from Spain ("The Last King of Granada", Euro Film Festival Online 2016).

I am currently available for freelance work in Edinburgh.


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