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The last King of Granada

I am looking for and experimenting with different ideas for my next short film. One of them, that I think is looking quite well, would be a short semi-historical film about Boabdil "el chico", the last muslim king of Granada, and how he spent his last day in the Alhambra palace, before surrendering the city to the catholic kings, Isabel I de Castilla and Fernando II de Aragon. One of the strong points of the film would be, obviously, the rich and colorful backgrounds in which it would take place, with a king walking for the last time on this beautiful palace before giving the key of the city to the christians, ending like this a 10 years war, and more than 250 years of Nazari dynasty. The biggest problem with the project would be to actually draw the said palace, and that is why I am currently doing some tests and sketches before I decide to go for it. Here are some of what I have so far:

puerta alhambra2.jpg




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