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The Last king of Granada is a stylized view of a historic moment from my birth town, Granada. It is a combination of history, legend and narrative under the frame of one of the most beautiful monuments in Spain.


My aim with this project, on the visual design, is to present a style in which a very classic hand drawn animation, and a digital colouring and lighting, come together to create something new and visually attractive, all of it maintaining as much historical accuracy as possible.


On the storytelling side, the film will combine the greatness of the epic historic tales with the intimacy of a story about a man, alone, having to make a sacrifice, to protect those who he cares about. The viewers will experience a film to which they can easily empathise, and at the same time an enjoyable visual spectacle.


Directed and animated by - Pepe Gomez

Voice acting - Francisco Najera, Charo Calle, Antonio Garcia, Irene Lopez

Aditional animation - Michelle Brand

Music By - Daniel Sanchez del Aguila

Historical advisors - Alberto Robles Delgado, Jose Caballero Lopez


UCA 2016


The Monthly Film festival selected The last King of Granada for the July 2016 edition, and they wrote this review about it:

"A king does not bear an easy responsibility. Even more so when he understands he is responsible for the souls of the people he rules. 


Pepe Gomez’s ‘The Last King Of Granada’ is an animation exploring the capitulation of Granada and the story of its last king Muhammad XII, also known as Boabdil, who handed the key of the city to the Spanish catholic monarchs Fernando V and Isabella I.


The animation wonderfully explores the inner anxiety of Boabdil and his contradictory feelings towards defending or capitulating Granada to the catholics. Caught between his visions of a war massacre and his love for the much treasured peace of the city, when offered a treaty by the Spanish kings he seriously considers accepting it on one condition: for the inhabiting population to be spared and to have their rights and religion respected. His action will forever haunt the king all the more that his mother will snub him for his cowardice after the capitulation, making him doubt his decision.



Pepe Gomez’s animation makes one think about the heavy responsibilities of a leader and the fine border between courage and cowardice. ‘The Last King Of Granada’ enchants the public with its psychological theme placed on historical background bringing to life events long forgotten and making one contemplate them and their meanings."



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